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DATE: 1989-01-01
LOCATION: Phnom Penh
Rooftop Karate | " My sister did Karate and would practice on the roof of our house. She took up Karate because she was going to study overseas in the Soviet Union and wanted to be able to protect herself."
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DATE: 1992-01-01
LOCATION: Site Two Refugee Camp
In Marriage and Memory | " We met in Site 2 Refugee Camp in 1984, we decided to get married. We had this photograph made in front of my directors car. I wanted to remember my job with UNHCR."
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DATE: 1985-10-12
LOCATION: Kandal Province
1985 | " I had the photograph made in a studio in Ta Khmao in Kandal Province. Once I had the printed photograph i took it to a painter recommended by the photographer. The flower in my hair was added and some retouches, I think it looks much nicer than the original."