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TitleModernising a Memory
Description" Originally the images was made in 1956 but I had it updated to colour in 2012 and the background added, before it was a curtain in the background. The photo was taken just as my mother was pregnant with her first child, they wanted to mark this occasion. My Father was a policeman and my Mother stayed at home to look after the family. I remember clearly what happened on the 17th April 1975. We where in front of Oressey Market in Phnom Penh, my Father told my Mother to look after the four children and forget all our property he put us into a car and put a gun under the front seat...I lost my Father that day. The car could not leave as the roads where so busy, we ended up South of Phnom Penh and were held there until the 20th when we where taken to Prey Veng Province. My Mother passed away in 2004, she looked after us during the Khmer Rouge. I know my father could not leave that day, he was in uniform and had to go and confront the Khmer Rouge, if he was still alive he could have found me after the khmer Rouge at my Grandmothers house."
LocationPhnom Penh